How do you pass that certified ophthalmic techncian (COT) skill exam?

Yahoo!! You passed the certified ophthalmic technician written exam! Whoops, that was a premature celebration. Now you have to pass the COT skill exam, the most feared part of the examination process. The seven skills tested are lensometry, visual fields, motility, keratometry, retinoscopy, refinement, and tonometry. You are tested via a crudely designed video game. The Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology does you a favor by selling you (optional) interactive training sessions for each skill at $45 each (total $315) on their website. But, there is a cost effective alternative.


There is a course titled "How to Pass the COT Skill Exam" on the website. This course is not interactive, but it provides valuable instruction on the correct steps required to navigate the Joint Commission skills exam software. This is important, because the Joint Commission training sessions do not give you this information. The course gives you animated illustrations of the correct order of steps. The cost is only $55, which includes instruction on each of the seven skills. You can view a sample of the course instruction before purchase. Use the link above for more information.