Ophthalmic Assistant 12 Week Course for New Hires


This is a great way to begin training new employees. This is a complete plan that will make your trainer's job much easier.



If you are an ophthalmic administrator, this course will be helpful when training an employee with little or no experience as an ophthalmic assistant.  The advantage of this course is that the trainee receives basic instruction on their own time, without the need for supervision.  All that is needed is a computer with internet access. 


If you are a job seeker and you have no previous experience, and you are applying for a job as an ophthalmic assistant trainee, this course will give you basic instruction that will give you a head start. Having completed this course may be of benefit to you in the job application/interview process.  However, be aware that this course by itself does not give you credentials as an ophthalmic assistant.  In other words, if the employer is looking for a trainee, this course may be of benefit.  If the employer is looking for an experienced ophthalmic assistant, this course may be of little or no benefit to you when applying for the job. Click here to learn more about schools and on-the-job training.


This course is designed to supply the didactic training needed to take an unexperienced new hire to the level of a productive ophthalmic team member within a period of 12 weeks or less when supplemented with hands-on experience in a clinic environment. The course provides background in all content areas that are tested in the JCAHPO ophthalmic assistant certification exam. A well rounded assistant is a more efficient assistant.


Features of this course:

  • Daily course assignments designed to progress in a logical manner while providing subject variety for the student. You can follow the set progression or mix assignments to fit the particulars of your practice needs.
  • Daily course assignments are designed to take the student about 1 hour to complete, so that it is possible for the student to complete the assignments during work hours.
  • Daily open-book quizzes to reinforce the reading material. You are able to view the daily quiz scores. Quizzes also provide accountability and a record of achievement.
  • Daily timed quizzes that give you a better idea of how much the student is learning. A timed quiz tests retained knowledge as the student does not have time to look up the answers.
  • Printable webpage that gives you a record of progress and achievement.


Access to this course is no longer available on this site.  The course is available on www.eyetec.net.